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These boys would do absolutely anything for each other, and that shows over and over again. They tease and joke, which is great fun, and their protectiveness of each other is gorgeous to see. I loved catching up with Ryker and Zara from the first book, and really enjoyed the tie in with the Grey brothers from the Sin Brothers series.

I loved this book. Fantastic — 4. An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Genetically enhanced brothers with a revenged-minded sadistic sheriff and a psycho scientist on their tail going after a serial killer at the side of a victim's sister. Love the author and the premise of the series so I dove right in for the action-packed romantic suspense. Lethal Lies is book two in the Blood Brothers' series which happens to be a spin-off of the Sins Brothers series.

This one could be read out of order or standalone with the caveat that the reader is okay knowing its part of an Genetically enhanced brothers with a revenged-minded sadistic sheriff and a psycho scientist on their tail going after a serial killer at the side of a victim's sister. This one could be read out of order or standalone with the caveat that the reader is okay knowing its part of an on-going series.

Two Lethal Lies

But my advice? Go back and start with the Sins Brothers and keep right on moving forward for all the fab stories. So, Lethal Lies is Heath's book. It follows on the heels of Ryker's story and picks up with one of the secondary story lines in the previous book when Heath was called in to work with Feds and locals to track down a serial killer. In this story, one of the FBI goes in as bait and is killed and her sister wants revenge So here's the thing.

I enjoyed the overall story because I love these growly alpha male brothers that the author writes and their story of beating their atrocious pasts and trying to move on with Dr.

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Madison and the sheriff on their tail. But, the heroine on the other hand I wasn't a fan.

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Anya, the heroine has spunk, but yeah My jaw dropped when she threw Heath, nearly a stranger, into the path of a serial killer to get revenge for her sister's murder and the revenge is mostly because Anya feels guilt. Then each time he preaches common sense and safety at her she emotionally blackmails him into letting her continue to dangle them as bait.

Even after she finds out bad people are coming after Heath and his family, she still insists. She tells him to leave her and run, but come on, she had to know he wasn't going to let her get herself tortured and killed by a serial killer if he let her lie to the media about their relationship stand and helped her stand up to the FBI who wanted to put her in protective custody. I just Couldn't care if she got into trouble and didn't care about the romance.

But, the ongoing story of the brothers staying ahead of the sheriff and the doctor and engaging with other genetically enhanced super soldiers that belonged to the doctor? That was great stuff. Things are coming to an exciting head as the third brother gets his story next.

Even though this one wasn't a favorite though still not bad, I still love the series and recommend it to romantic suspense fans who loved fast action and alpha heroes. My thanks to Forever for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. The second book in the Blood Brothers series by Rebecca Zanetti. She hooks up with Private Investigator, Heath Jones, in hopes of finding her sister before the serial killer kills her. This series is related to another series by Ms.

Zanetti, Sin Brothers.

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More hots guys that were genetically modified and running from the baddies that created them. Love both series.

Heath Jones is a PI working with his adopted brothers. They have been working this serial killer case along with the FBI and Heath has become nearly obsessed with it and each loss. Heath is usually the calmer and in control brother. He's always been a savior and protector. But it seems they are one step behind this killer. Anya Best is the target. She has lost everyone she cares about and feels guilty about the fact that her sister paid the price. She is a professor of psychology and profiler so she does have some important skills. In a bold move, Anya decides to publicly taunt the killer and ends up pulling Heath right in even deeper and putting a bigger target on both of their backs.

Anya is not just beautiful, intelligent, and fragile.

Lethal Lies

She has an inner strength, determination, sense of justice, and bravery about her. All characteristics that send Heath's instincts and attraction into overdrive. She brings out his protective, possessive, and passionate tendencies and breaks down his control. She is determined to put herself as bait, while Heath and his brothers are determined to keep her safe.

Heath has his secrets and is also dealing with threats from his past that won't seem to stop coming for them. And with the media attention surrounding them, it is sending a beacon to their enemies. She is determined to get him to trust her and share the truth. I liked them together and how they challenged each other. They are working in gray areas and not exactly following the letter of the law or fully assisting the government agencies placing them under some suspicion.

They have to be careful about what information is shared and who they can trust. There are multiple antagonists and threats with various motives. So there is an increase in mystery, tension, emotional connection, danger, and action. Heath and Anya have hot chemistry. She pushes and challenges him. But he just feels he needs to keep her safe and that he is not a good bet. He tries hard not to lose control with her, but she enjoys pushing his buttons. And a man can only resist so much. She's bold and fearless. He's strong and determined.

Their situation seems bleak at times, and hope and keeping their wits bout them is all they can do to prepare. I enjoy this world that Rebecca Zanetti created with the Sin Brothers and continued in this spin-off series. I liked getting more with Ryker, Zara, Denver, and the small cameos from the Gray brothers. I love their camaraderie, dynamics, and dedication to one another.

There are plenty of dangerous enemies and psychos to hate. There are multiple threats and some surpises. I will admit that at times this one seemed slow paced and long. Not sure if it was because of the gradual build and slow burn One story arc is concluded sufficiently, but one is still definitely ongoing. And that threat is not just coming from one source. Overall it was a slower-build mystery and romantic suspense story with some twists and turns.

Denver's story has been teased and I am looking forward to him hopefully reuniting with his lost love. And I am sure danger and drama will follow. I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review. View 1 comment. Anya Best crosses paths with Heath when thugs claiming to be Marshalls show up on her sister's doorstep.

Lethal Lies

Heath ends up saving her, but also revealing that her sister has been taken by the Cooper Killer. When her sister ends up dead, she taunts the killer and exposes Heath. Now he and his brothers are in danger, but that won't stop him from protecting her. Dark, gritty and intense Zanetti wove a tale that will hook the reader. Both Heath and Anya have baggage but are drawn to each other.

I loved how stubborn they both were. She to catch the killer, and him to protect her.