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Log in to Wiley Online Library. Purchase Instant Access. View Preview. Learn more Check out. SUMMARY The relationship between twins is based on primitive mechanisms which need to be mitigated by a containing and processing mother for adequate emotional development to take place.

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New Password. This book will help thousands to better understand their relationships and move forward in a healthier and more rewarding way. Friedman, aims to educate and enlighten other health professions who, through their lack of experience with twins, do not appreciate the intricacies of twin relationships.

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This book also provides a fascinating insight into twin dynamics that goes beyond the common misconception that all twin pairs are alike and get along fine. Overall, a fascinating and easy-to-read book. An enlightening read for twins, families with twins, and professionals working with twins.

Working with a Twin: Implications for the Transference

Those who work with one twin or a pair of twins should have this book as an essential reference. They will find it invaluable in understanding the twin dynamics that lie behind the presenting problems. Little information is available for twin therapists. Reading this book was like having a master class with an expert in my field.

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Twins in Session will be a powerful reference book when I work with my own twin clients. Only someone who is a twin herself could have such sensitivity and understanding, which Dr. Friedman has further increased through years of experience as a twin specialist. I cannot praise this book more highly. In her clear, comprehensive and important book, Dr. Friedman reveals the fascinating internal lives of twins and illustrates complicated theoretical tenets with clinical vignettes in a down-to-earth style. This book should be referenced by every therapist and required reading for all students of human behavior.

Friedman uses parenting skills and developmental awareness to impart essential knowledge about the unique experience of twinship. The analyses of the case histories reveal how multilayered twinship is for both twins and nontwins and confront some of the preconceived ideas held by a nontwin world. As a twin and twin therapist, I found this book to be extremely useful in illuminating the specific issues twins and their therapists encounter in understanding this unique relationship.

I highly recommend this book to adult twins, therapists, and all others interested in multiple births. Friedman masterfully expands upon her previous contributions and enriches our journey toward a more profound understanding of twin relationships. Twins in Session is a must-read resource that enhances our ability to better serve those we counsel, educate, and train.

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Reading Twins in Session is a joy, provoking both reflection and confidence in working with twins. It is with great admiration that I fully endorse and recommend this jewel. Friedman grounds her work theoretically and then uses rich clinical material to capture key developmental, relational, and identity issues facing twins.

Friedman masterfully highlights the importance of clinical sensitivity to these issues, which makes this book essential reading for clinicians who treat twins.

Joan A. Your twin wherever he or she, who is out there, if at all, feels it too, and the feelings keep getting passed around back and forth, building up in intensity. You believe it is coming from that person you are with. Because twin feel each other, they reciprocate back and forth to each other. Twin souls are simpatico with each other, no matter the time, distance, or their unawareness of each other.

I can tell you, that when Prince showed up, I felt so different. I felt complete. I felt him with me, always, side by side. And my burdens fell away. I had always experienced nervousness and anxiety my entire life for no reason at all. I feel now, that whatever I was searching for in my life, I found him, my twin soul.

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The search is over. Andrea Mai is a legally blind photographer based in Toronto. She is an experiencer and researcher of afterlife communication and the twin soul phenomenon. She is a clairvoyant and clairaudient. She is the real twin flame of Prince Rogers Nelson. All rights reserved.