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Steve had been waiting many hours for his first sight of Azul Island. The captain passed his binoculars to Steve, saying, "We can't get any closer, Steve. Dangerous reefs there. I've never been this close before. He watched the waters turn from white to blue-black once they had crossed the reef. Surging forward, the waves gathered momentum and height, only to disappear within the mist which hung like a gray veil about the base of Azul Island.

Then there would be a sudden, bursting whiteness again, momentarily blotting out the gray, as the waves smashed heavily against what Steve knew must be a formidable wall of stone. But above the mist he could see more of Azul Island, for the rock, a yellowish gold in color, rose a thousand or more feet above the sea. It was this massive rock that held his gaze as the Horn ran the length of the island. Azul Island was unlike any of the other islands they had passed in the Caribbean Sea.

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Not only did it differ in color from the green mountain ranges Steve had seen, but there were no peaks or ravines or indentations of any kind over its smooth, bare surface. The top of Azul Island seemed to be rounded off at one height, and Steve could only think of it as a huge stone that had been dropped into the sea. It was cold and barren, as though vegetation would have none of it. The captain said, "Azul means blue in Spanish. I don't see where it gets its name. There's nothing but yellow rock.

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That is, if you want to call it a plain. From the sea, it's always looked like a sandy spit. Oh, it's somewhat rolling and green in spots, but a sailor might as well be drowned in the sea as be shipwrecked on it. Azul Island is one of the most forlorn places I've ever seen.

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That is, if you don't mind my asking, Steve. Your interest in Azul Island has aroused my curiosity. I was surprised that you even knew of it, because the only map you'll ever find it on is our large-scale navigation map of this area. And it's nowhere near any of the airline routes. I just can't figure out.

He wrote me about Azul Island a few weeks ago. Sort of a small, thin man, wearing steel-rimmed glasses? We're the only line that puts in at Antago; it's too far off the shipping lanes for any of the larger lines to bother with.

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Sure, I remember your Phil Pitcher. He spent most of his time reading during the trip, but every once in a while he'd come out of his shell and tell me about himself. It seems he was a little worried about having given up a job he'd had practically all his life to go to Antago.

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Flame - the chestnut stallion found on Azul Island by Steve Duncan. Flame strongly resembles an Arabian, though much larger - similar to The Black. He equals the Black Stallion in a match race. Wintertime - a small, quick, blood-bay stallion, a rival to Black Minx. He is retired after an injury on the track, and becomes Black Minx's mate. Eclipse - a dark brown colt with a white blaze, initially beaten by Black Minx, who soon matures into a powerful contender who takes on older, more experienced horses and becomes almost an equal to the Black's fame and speed.

Casey - an experienced, winning chestnut horse whose speed and skilled jockey tests the Black and Alec in a three-way race that includes Eclipse. Sun Raider and Cyclone - the first two champion horses that the Black competes against and ultimately beats in a match race billed as "the race of the century.

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The Ghost - a beautiful light grey mare, a liberty dressage superstar, featured in The Black Stallion's Ghost. The eerie tale culminates when Alec is obsessed to purchase this mare and breed her to The Black. Her foal with the Black is never seen in the books that are written by Walter Farley, but his son Steven Farley invents the foal as a steeplechaser race horse named Black Storm.

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Black Sand - Son of Satan, a promising young colt and favorite of Pam Athena, who must overcome his fears that were linked to abuse by a previous owner. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Black Stallion disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Life Magazine : 59— February 13, Young Reader's Choice Awards.

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Except for one of my all-time favorite, The Black Stallion Challenged. Have the complete set of Walter Farleys books. All great and am not sure why but when the two horses met I was rooting for Flame rather than The Black. All books were exciting but the idea of the lost valley on an uninhabited island, a tropical paradise, was sure an alluring setting. Maybe too deep a message in these adventure books but still a great story!

The tragedy is that the best movie script was never utilized… as that would be The Island Stallion!!!

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The Island Stallion would make a fabulous movie, but only if Hollywood remained true to the original story which I doubt they would do. Re: the cover art … totally agree!