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Kirkpatrick produced an edition of the sonatas in , and the numbering from this edition is now nearly always used — the Kk. Previously, the numbering commonly used was from the edition compiled by the Neapolitan pianist Alessandro Longo L. Kirkpatrick's numbering is chronological, while Longo's ordering is a result of his arbitrarily grouping the sonatas into "suites". In the Italian musicologist Giorgio Pestelli published a revised catalog using P. Aside from his many sonatas, Scarlatti composed a number of operas and cantatas, symphonias, and liturgical pieces.

Well-known works include the Stabat Mater of and the Salve Regina of , which is thought to be his last composition. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

See also: List of solo keyboard sonatas by Domenico Scarlatti. Sonata in D minor K.

Scarlatti: The Complete Keyboard Sonatas Vol. 2

Encyclopedia Britannica Online. ArkivMusic: the source for classical music. Scarlatti's sonatas ". Anuario Musical. Waterloo Music Company Ltd. Domenico Scarlatti: Revised Edition. Classical Music. New York: Norton. Baroque music. List of Baroque composers. Allegri G. Galilei O. Dowland Froberger Kerll Legrenzi J. Lully M.

Marais J. Pachelbel J. Playford H. Minuet in C, K. Minuet No. Contredanse in D, K. Erik Smith. Contredanse in C, - "La Bataille", K. Three Contredanses, K. Contredanse in C, K. Overture and Three Contredanses, K. Contredanse No. II in A.

(HD) Piano Tutorial: Domenico Scarlatti Sonata in B minor K. 27, L. 449

III in B flat. Contredanse in E flat, K.

More By Carlo Grante

Contredanse in G, K. Violin Concerto No.

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Cadenza: Ottavio Dantone Allegro moderato. Piano Concerto No. Cadenza: Malcolm Bilson.

Andante ma un poco adagio. Allegro - Cadenza: Malcolm Bilson. Concertone for 2 Violins and Orchestra in C, K. Andantino grazioso. Tempo di menuetto Vivace.

Classical Net - Scarlatti Keyboard Sonatas - Kirkpatrick Number | Tempo | Elements Of Music

Rondo Tempo di menuetto. Cadenza: Franco Gulli. Rondeau Allegro. Cadenza: Ottavio Dantone.

Cadenza: Viktoria Mullova. Rondeau - Allegro. Andante cantabile. Rondeau Andante grazioso - Allegro ma non troppo. Allegro aperto. Rondeau Tempo di minuetto.


Keyboard Sonata in E flat major, K.123/L.111/P.180

Lead-in: Malcolm Bilson. Andante un poco adagio. Adagio for Violin and Orchestra in E, K. Rondo for Violin and Orchestra in B flat, K. Cadenza: Robert Levin. Rondeau Presto. Oboe Concerto in C, K. Cadenza: Michel Piguet. Adagio non troppo. Rondo Allegretto. Flute Concerto No. Allegro maestoso. Rondo Tempo di Menuetto. Rondo Allegro.

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Andante for Flute and Orchestra in C, K. Rondo for Horn and Orchestra in E flat, K. Reconstructed by John Humphries. Rondo for Violin and Orchestra in C, K. Rondo: Allegretto grazioso K. Tempo di menuetto. Rondeau Allegretto. Mackerras, cadenzas by Paul Badura Skoda. Horn Concerto No. Cadenza: Anthony Halstead. Allegro vivace. Allegro ma non troppo. Andante Original version.