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RNAi A Guide to Gene Silencing Manual

With our acclaimed OptimumRNAi technology and siRNA design tools, we can assist you to identify the most effective siRNA sequences with strong gene silencing effect, and clone into any cloning vectors you desire. GenScript is proud to offer a selection of proven siRNA plasmid vectors.

mRNA Silencing by RNA Interference

If you have any question about our siRNA services and products, please click the following links:. Key Features. Plasterk Chapter 5. Hannon and Phillip D.

Zamore Chapter 6. McManus and Douglas S. Conklin Chapter 7.

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Nicholson Chapter 9. Cameron Chapter Hall and Shiv I. Comparison between RNA interference and Genome editing methods for gene ablation. Basically, RNAi-mediated knockdown is preferable to genome editing when changing the genetic code is undesirable.

RNA Interference (RNAi)

For example, you might want to reduce gene function temporarily, so you could transiently transfect siRNAs into cells. In a few generations, the siRNAs are lost, restoring normal gene function. Alternatively, you can stably integrate shRNAs into the genome and express them from an inducible promoter.

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  8. Moreover, shRNA-mediated knockdown does not require the isolation of single clones, unlike genome-editing mediated knockout, so there is less work involved. Finally, completely eliminating gene function might harm the cell, but a partial loss will not.

    Reagents for Functional Genomics

    Alternatively, to make a true genetic null allele, genome editing is preferable Wang, et al. Additionally, one might want to introduce a specific point mutation, or correct a pre-existing mutation back to wild type. Finally, you might want to add a fusion tag to your favorite gene and express it from its endogenous locus.

    These goals absolutely depend on genome editing methods. Please visit our website to learn more: www.

    Vector-based siRNA Services

    Science , Jinek, et al. Mittal Improving the efficiency of RNA interference in mammals. Shalem, et al. Wang, et al.