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Publisher: Elsevier Science Pub. Date: pages: ISBN: Operational amplifiers play a vital role in modern electronics design. The latest op amps have powerful new features, making them more suitable for use in many products requiring weak signal amplification, such as medical devices, communications technology, optical networks, and sensor interfacing.

The Op Amp Applications Handbook may well be the ultimate op amp reference book available. This book is brimming with up-to-date application circuits, valuable design tips, and in-depth coverage of the latest techniques to simplify op amp circuit designs, and improve their performance. As an added bonus, a selection on the history of op amp development provides an extensive and expertly researched overview, of interest to anyone involved in this important area of electronics.

This course includes further study of linear transistor circuits. Examination of frequency response and negative feedback are of prime importance.

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Operational amplifiers are discussed in great depth, including applications in summing, precision rectifying, voltage regulation, filtering, and other popular circuit applications. Usage of digital computers for analysis and design is discussed.

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The student will demonstrate knowledge of analog electrical devices, particularly operational amplifiers and their applications. The student will be able to utilize items such as decibels, Bode plots, and negative feedback for circuit analysis.

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The student will use a mathematical and problem solving approach for design and analysis, based on fundamental DC and AC circuit principles and math concepts. This will include the use of computer simulations. The student will demonstrate facility at constructing and trouble shooting op amp circuits in the laboratory with proper use of test equipment. The student will demonstrate appropriate communication skills, particularly technical reports through the laboratory. The student will demonstrate the ability to work as part of a technical team, particularly in the laboratory.

Success in this course requires a good working knowledge of the theorems presented in ET Circuits 1 , and the amplifier concepts covered in ET Linear Electronics.

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Smart devices will not be allowed during tests. Late penalty is one letter grade for the first half week, two letter grades for the second half week. Reports are not accepted beyond two weeks and receive a grade of 0. Remember, plagiarism is grounds for failure.

Op Amp Applications Handbook

Free on-line resources covering a variety of electrical circuit topics and reference material may be found at: www. The Analog Devices series of On-line Tutorials is also useful. A handy chart of various op amp circuit configurations can be found here.

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Differential amplifiers comprise the first stage of most op amps. The concept of negative feedback is introduced. This is a very important topic. There are four basic forms or connections, and we will focus our attention on the two most popular types series-parallel and parallel-parallel.

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This week we examine some basic op amp circuits including summing amplifiers, single-supply biasing, and current-boosting. Once we finish this section, we'll have our first test. Up to now, the op amp has been treated as a fairly ideal device. We now spend some time looking at the practical limitations of op amp circuits including frequency response, slew rate, offsets, drift, and noise. We begin the study of active filters. We will look at several popular forms and applications.