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Voth, and P. Renard, M. Boucrot, M. Garcia-Castillo, S. Arumugam, V. Chambon, C. Lamaze, C. Wunder, A. Kenworthy, et al. More information available here. Bondar seeks to unravel the role of protonation dynamics and lipid membrane environment in membrane protein structure and function. Her group uses theoretical biophysics based methods to understand these mechanisms.

Nango, A. Royant, M. Kubo, T. Nakane, C. Wickstrand, T. Kimura, T. Tanaka, K. Tono, C. Song, R. Tanaka, et al. Milenkovic and A. Capponi, M. Heyden, A. Bondar, D. Tobias, and S. Sandoval-Perez, K. Pluhackova, R. Theory Comput.

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Pluhackova, S. Gahbauer, F. Kranz, T. Wassenaar, and R.


Benedix, C. Becker, B. Caflisch, R. Kakorin, E. Neumann, H. Frank Brown studies the dynamics and structure of biological membranes through theoretical and computational investigations, with an emphasis on the interpretation of both experiments and detailed simulations. Camley, M.

Lerner, R. Pastor, and F. Barel, N. Reich, and F. Venable, F. Brown, and R. Bel and F. Her team uses chemical biology, biochemistry, cell biology and mass spectrometry to identify and understand these lipid—protein interactions. Kleinecke, S. Richert, L. Kungl, E. Asadollahi, S. Quintes, J. Blanz, R. McGonigal, K. Naseri, et al. Callens, B. Bonnafous, H.

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Drobecq ,M. Gerl, T. Krey, G. Roman- Sosa, T. Rumenapf, O. Lambert, J. Dubuisson, et al. Hacke, P. Hellwig, P. Himmels, C. Wieland, and A. Varsano, T.

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Rubio, M. Hennrich, T. Sachsenheimer, M.

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Gavin, B. Cheng is studying integral membrane proteins, such as ABC transporters, and large dynamic macromolecular machineries, such as 26S proteasome, using electron cryo-microscopy cryo-EM as his main research method. Wang, Y. Song, B. Barad, Y.

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Cheng, J. Fraser, and F. Gao, E.

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Cao, D. Julius, and Y. Frauenfeld, R. Armache, A. Sonnen, F. Guettou, P. Moberg, L. Zhu, C. Jegerscho, A. Flayhan, J. Briggs, et al. Goedert and Y. His group tackles these questions with an interdisciplinary approach, combining cell biology, synthetic biology, protein biochemistry, structure biology, and biophysics.