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Upload error. Submit Feedback. Gaziantep: Yesemek Open Air Museum Yesemek was the largest stone quarry and a sculpture workshop in the Near East between the 14 th and 7 th centuries B. Upcoming Events.

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Ancient Mesopotamia 101

Account filed by James Creighton as overseer Accounts filed for Account filed by John Patrickson as overseer. Barham Esquire. In the possession of William Ridgard and Dr. Robertson as attornies to Joseph Foster Barham Esquire. Successful planter in British Guiana and Grenada; part of a close-knit mixed-race family with numerous business interests.

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One of over drawings of landscapes and enslaved people in Jamaica by William Berryman, Mesopotamia Jamaica Westmoreland. Henry Barham.

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Joseph Foster Barham was Foster I. Joseph Foster Barham II. James Colquhoun Grant. John Blythe.

History of Mesopotamia

David Morrice. William Ridgard. Duncan Robertson of Gilnock Hall.

John Foster Barham. Jamaica Westmoreland 77 Mesopotamia. One that most students might notice is a diversity in the dates given for Egyptian and Mesopotamian states, periods, and monarchs.

Tigris–Euphrates river system

The variety of methods used to ascertain dates leads to rival schemes with dates which vary by nearly a century. There is also a much large inconsistency claimed by credentialed scholars whose motives seem, however, to derive from Biblical literalism. Dates of accession of material added since July can be seen in the New Additions page.. Links to files at other site are indicated by [At some indication of the site name or location].

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Dissemination and price of cotton in Mesopotamia during the 1st millennium BCE

Not for the fainthearted. Has some odd formatting problems, but scroll down to find good information. Hoffner, Jr.

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Egypt , circa BCE.