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We watched a scene from Toy Story 4 in which Woody and Bo are reunited at a playground. Her old chemistry with Woody is back and better than ever, and while Woody has remained mostly the same, Bo has certainly changed. To really drive the contrast between old Bo and new Bo home, the Toy Story 4 team felt it was important to take viewers back in time. In the opening scene of the movie, we watch Bo and Woody team up to help rescue RC, who was accidentally forgotten out in the rain.

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We see how well Bo and Woody work together, and how different Bo looked back when she was just part of a lamp. All of these things were crucial to understanding who Bo was, the toy she became, and what life as a lost toy means to her. Potato Head, of course. It seems entirely plausible, and it could be a major change for a character who has devoted his life to being a one-kid kind of toy. In August , it was revealed that Bo Peep would have a major role in Toy Story 4 , [6] with initial reports stating that the film would center on a quest by Woody and Buzz to find Bo.

The film's opening sequence reveals how Bo is separated from Woody: after coordinating the rescue of RC , Bo and her sheep are given away by Andy's mother, and although Woody tries to convince Bo to stay, she states that she understands that part of the cycle of a toy is being taken away.

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For a brief moment, Woody considers going with Bo, but changes his mind after realizing that Andy needs him. The main plot of the film is set after Andy gives his toys away to a girl named Bonnie at the end of the third film. Bonnie takes her toys—including Forky, whom she makes herself out of a spork and some trash—on a road trip.

During the road trip, Forky gets lost and Woody goes after him to retrieve him. Woody spots Bo's lamp through a window of the store, and decides to look for Bo inside. Bo is not in the store, but Woody subsequently runs into her at a carnival near the store.

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Bo is still with her sheep, who are revealed to be female, and mentions the name of the three heads to Woody: Billy, Goat, and Gruff. In a conversation with Woody, Bo reveals her fate and that of her sheep after being given away: she spends two years being owned by a girl who does not care much for Bo, and then in the antique store, so she decides to leave and be on her own with Billy, Goat, and Gruff.

Bo changes her outfit: she takes off her dress and transforms it into a cape, wears a white bandage to fix her broken right arm and a purple bandage to fix her broken left hand, and devotes her new life to help lost toys to return to their owners. Bo rejects both Woody's proposal to go with him and become one of Bonnie's toys, since she has embraced her life as a "lost toy", as well as his call for help to search for Forky, though she ultimately agrees to accompany him to the latter, because she acquiesces "for old time's sake", and because Woody reminded her of how much she provided to Molly Davis as a toy when Molly was scared at night.

To him though, she is still gentle, ladylike, and kindhearted. Bo reveals that her arm was broken off some time ago, but she managed to re-attach it to herself using scotch tape with his help. With the assistance of some lost toys and after being joined by Buzz, Bo leads the rescue mission for Forky, who has been captured by the film's main antagonist Gabby Gabby; however, Woody rushes out to free Forky in time to return to Bonnie, who is in the store, but this results in Bo's sheep being captured by Gabby Gabby and her toy henchmen. Though Bo manages to free her sheep, they are chipped in the process.

‘Toy Story 4’: Bo Peep’s Voice Actress, Annie Potts, on Her Return – Variety

Angry, Bo refuses a second attempt to free Forky, which causes Woody to question her understanding of loyalty. After listening to Giggle badmouth Woody for his loyalty, Bo then realizes that loyalty is what she values the most from Woody, and goes back to help. The group try to help Gabby Gabby be adopted by a girl named Harmony who constantly visits the antique store, but she is rejected.

Bo then helps Woody in trying to reach Bonnie along with Forky and Gabby Gabby, but Gabby Gabby spots a lost girl and decides to stay with her.

‘Toy Story 4’ finds the lost and toughened-up Bo Peep, plus a flock of new characters

Bo and Woody arrive to Bonnie's rental RV, and the two of them say goodbye to each other. But Woody feels uncertain about his decision and Buzz encourages him to stay with Bo. In the mid-credits scene, Bo and Woody are seen helping toys being won by children who attend the carnival. Bo Peep's role in the first two films is perceived as a "trophy for male cinematic heroism: a blond, blue-eyed, delicate, and conventionally beautiful female who existed to be rescued and to reward Woody for his heroic acts with chaste kisses.

Following her return and protagonism in Toy Story 4 , Bo gained significant coverage. Describing her new look, The Telegraph says that "Wearing trousers instead of her old, pink floor-length shepherdess dress and bonnet, the new version of the Bo Peep is simply the right way to tell the story. However, there was negative criticism regarding Bo's new portrayal.

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