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These ancient Greeks studied at the school of Pythagoras in Croton, which is now in the southern part of Italy. They showed that indeed there are infinitely many prime numbers. In truth, the reason why they investigated this problem was probably not because they thought that solving it would be useful for society.

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However, when we retrace past events, we find that analyzing the mysteries of prime numbers, which have been undergoing analysis ever since, has pioneered research that has indeed been useful for society such as the development of unbreakable cryptograms. This is but one example of how essential mathematics is for our society.

Theories in mathematics always follow precise logic, giving an eternal verity to any discovered theorem. Once a discovery is proven, it is forever true and never needs correction. Of course, there are many remaining practical problems in mathematics that we want to resolve, just as there are in other technological sciences. Equally, with some problems that interest mathematicians it is difficult to ascertain any practical benefit for our society coming from their solution. Recently, various applied fields of mathematics have been investigated, such as the foundations of physics, information and statistical sciences, or the field of mathematical finance; these are similar to the traditional "pure" fields of mathematics that involve solving mysteries concerning integers or figures.

Sometimes young people, such as graduate students, make great discoveries that surprise the world.

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This is one of the most exciting aspects of the field of mathematics. In the department of mathematics at Kyushu University, there are about 70 mathematicians who are members of our faculty; it is a very active place for research in this subject. Your name. Your email. Send Cancel.

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Contributor Buldygin, V. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p.

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Contents Preface. Convex sets in vector spaces.