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Introduction to Fractional Calculus

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Discrete Fractional Calculus

Journal home Journal issue About the journal. Keywords: fractional derivative , fractional integral , Stieltjes integral , discrete model , numerical algorithm. Published: August 31, received: November 16, Released: March 27, accepted: - [Advance Publication] Released: - corrected: -. Article overview. These early weekly meetings will be a discussion on their progress along with addressing any issues with material.

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After one or two months of this, the student will have been exposed to many different open problems, and we will proceed with one that particularly interests the student. We will continue these meetings where I will help guide them through their understanding of the open problem and encourage specific questions to investigate. Grand Engineering: Not applicable. Student Preparation Qualifications A successful student for this project should have completed real analysis and have an interest in the broad area of differential equations.

Example 5. The unique solution to the fractional initial value problem. So, applying the Sumudu transform to both sides of the fractional difference equation in 5. Considering the terms in the summation, by using the shifting formula 4. Since Sumudu transform is a one-to-one operator see [28, Theorem 3.


Consider the initial value problem 5. Remark 5. The initial value problem 5. Consider the initial value problem. Applying the Sumudu transform to both sides of the equation and using 4. Kilbas, H.

Srivastava, and J. Samko, A. Kilbas, and O. Podlubny, Fractional Differential Equations, vol. West, M. Bologna, and P. Heymans and I.

Discrete Fractional Calculus - Dimensions

Podlubny, "Physical interpretation of initial conditions for fractional differential equations with Riemann-Liouville fractional derivatives," Rheologica Acta, vol. Miller and B.

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