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Jimmy Riley — Gavin's father. Ty Anderson — hockey player for the St. Louis Ice professional hockey team. His agent is Elizabeth Darnell.

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Dedrick Coleman — Player on the St. Louis Rivers baseball team. Married to Shawnelle. Friend of Gavin. Tommy Maloney — Player on the St. Married to Haley. Center for the St. Louis Ice hockey team. Tattooed, pierced and sexy, Jenna refuses to date sports jocks. After all, she gets enough sports at the bar. NFL football player. Bad boy wide receiver.

His halo is tarnished and his career is on the line. He has attitude to spare, and a lot of sex appeal to go with it. Totally untamable. Image consultant who knows her job and does it well. Wife of Gavin Riley. Heroine in Changing The Game. Gavin Riley — Major League baseball player, and Cole's cousin. Elizabeth's husband.

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Hero in Changing the Game. Gavin's brother. Mick is Tara's husband, and the hero in The Perfect Play. Tara Lincoln Riley — Event planner. Mick Riley's wife and the heroine in The Perfect Play. Jack Riley — Cole's father.

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Star pitcher for the St. An injury has forced him out of the game.

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Sports medicine specialist. This is the hardest assignment of her career, working with uncooperative Garrett Scott. Elizabeth is a sports agent and the heroine in Changing the Game. Gavin Riley — Major League baseball player, and Garrett's teammate. Gavin is the hero in Changing the Game. Gray Preston — Garrett's friend and former college roommate.

Gray is the hero in One Sweet Ride. Millionaire auto racer. A self made man, despite having Preston family money. He wants nothing to do with politics. But Evelyn can be very persistent. Trevor Shay — Gray's former college roommate and one of his best friends. Drew Hogan — Gray's former college roommate and one of his best friends. Hotshot first baseman for the St. Married to Elizabeth Darnell Riley. He chased her down and won her heart. Now he intends to make her happy for the rest of their lives, even if she does occasionally make him crazy.

Sports agent. Married to Gavin Riley. Successful, determined to win at all costs, no matter what the challenge, including trying to have a baby. Hero of The Perfect Play. Also in Changing The Game. Heroine of The Perfect Play. Hero of Playing to Win. Savannah Brooks — Image consultant. Heroine of Playing to Win. Physical therapist. Heroine of Thrown By A Curve.

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Garrett Scott — Pitcher for the St. Louis Traders. Hero of Thrown By A Curve. Also in The Perfect Play. Hockey player for the New York Travelers. Loves the game, loves to play, both on the ice and off. Has a past with Carolina, and not a good one. He intends to correct that. On the cusp of launching her career as a fashion designer.

Completely dedicated to her craft. Evelyn is engaged to Gray Preston. Evelyn is the heroine in One Sweet Ride. Gray Preston — Race car driver. Vice President of the United States. Plays football for the Tampa Hawks, and baseball for the St. Louis Rivers. Juggles his professional life well, but he keeps a secret about his personal life that no one knows about. He intends to keep it that way. A chance at doing a career feature on Trevor Shay may change all that. Alicia Riley — Sports medicine therapist for the St.

Engaged to Garrett Scott. Heroine in Thrown By A Curve. Engaged to Alicia Riley. Hero in Thrown By A Curve.

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Elizabeth Darnell Riley — Sports agent. Heroine in Changing the Game.

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Gavin Riley — First basemen for the St. Married to Elizabeth Riley. Forward for the New York Travelers hockey team. Plays hard, both on the ice and off. And when he wants something, he goes after it. What he wants is Stella. Works hard on her career, and likes to keep her relationships nonexistent. Men are for play, not for keeps. But for some reason she keeps going back for more with Trick. Drew is the hero in Melting the Ice.

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  5. Carolina is the heroine in Melting the Ice. Quarterback for the St. Successful and confident, Grant knows what he wants out of his professional life. But his personal life is turned upside down when he meets supermodel Katrina Korsova, a woman who wants nothing to do with him.